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PME AB140 Cordless Airbrush Tutorial

This guide is to help you develop basic airbrushing techniques that you can put to practical use in your decorating designs.

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How to use Flexi-Ice

With Squires Kitchen's Instant Mix Flexi-Ice, the edible cake lace product, allows you to give your creation the professional finish it deserves, whether it's a final touch or a full-on embellishment. And the best part? It's quick and easy to do.

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How to model heads from basic shapes

Basic heads modelling techniques' tutorial will give you the tips to understand where to place eyes, nose and mouth and achieve cute characters following practical Carlos’s teaching method!

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drageekiss - get into your packaging & getting to know your tool

No more tweezers and dropping pearls all over the floor. This ingenious product allows you to load the dragees into the hopper and position the pearls with ease on to your cake. 

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Patchwork Cutters - Making Cake Decorating Easy..

Patchwork Cutters have been inspiring cake decorators for over 20 years. The company was founded in 1994 by Marion Frost with the aim to help cake decorators at both beginner and advanced levels to create quick, clean designs. Many of our cutters and embossers can be used alongside each other to give endless design and decorating possibilities.

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Wafer Paper Peony with no wire Tutorial by Petya Shmarova

This lesson will show you how to use Petya's Pre-cut Peony petals set for making Peony with no wire or inner support. Detailed step by step video tutorial for all skill levels.

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Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers

Revolutionize the way you sculpt, shape, texture, and model flowers, figures, and embellishments with Innovative Sugarworks’  Sugar Shapers. Kaysie Lackey tells you everything you want to know about Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers!

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Tulips Silicone Embossers for Cake Decorating

The Tulips Silicone Embosser can be used with any medium, edible or non-edible that allows a design to be pressed into them. Perfect for cake decorating, these flexible embossers allow you to build your own design from the beautiful tulips and leaf elements in this set.

You can achieve stunning unique textured backgrounds on cakes, cookies, cake boards or use them to create perfect guidelines for brush embroidery, dusting, painting or gilded line piping. Press and cut around the outer edge of the design to create appliqué pieces to give a 3D embossed embellishment.

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Cake Pop Easy Roller

The Cake Pop Roller is a tool designed to roll cake pops/balls faster, easier and more consistently. Roll 21 balls at a time that is 1.25″ in diameter!

*Credit to Jennifer Cucci

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How to Make a Cute Lion Face Using the FMM Mix n Match Face Cutter

The Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter from FMM Sugarcraft is a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ cutter designed to make an endless variety of animal and novelty faces. A huge selection can be created to decorate cupcakes, celebration cakes and cookies.

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