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From basic cake decorating skills to elaborate sugar creations, you can learn it all here from our team and other highly regarded teachers.

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PME Professional Diploma Course

Our PME Professional Diploma Course is carefully developed and structured to provide practical guidance to all essential cake decorating techniques. Ensuring you have the ability and confidence to make your own designs after the course.


Our tutors have been trained and approved exclusively by PME and each tutor holds a PME Professional Diploma Teacher Training Certificate with a strict renewal process each year to ensure high standards are maintained. In addition, we are proud to announce that the number of enrolled students in our school is well exceeded 3,000 since our introduction of the PME diploma courses in Hong Kong in 2011. In 2017, we have received award PME Professional Diploma International Award of Excellence. This is the third time when we have received awards for our outstanding performance in teaching PME Professional Diploma course and the highest number of students taught internationally.


We offer a wide variety of class options, everything from 4-Day intensive, weekend, evening classes and more. Choose the module that you are interested in, click it and you will see all the upcoming classes.

Professional Cake Decorating Course

PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme

The PME Five Star Sugar Artist Programme is a competition level course only for students who have attained a PME Professional Diploma Masters Certification. The five stars are the 5 awards you can achieve. Each star represents a different sugar artist skill that is truly a sign of a Five Star Sugar Artist. From Royal Icing to Sugar Flowers, students will be tested like never before in the industry. When you receive your first star, you will receive a Medal that has been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by the designers appointed by Her Majesty the Queen of England. Every time you achieve another star you are able to wear the extra star on your medal. When you achieve your fifth star you will receive the Final Certificate and be able to call yourself a "PME Five Star Sugar Artist", the most honourable award. You will be able to wear your medal with 5 stars very proudly on your chefs jacket.


​Denote the five sugar craft skills that showcase the work of a true Sugar Artist and can be completed in any order:

  • Rolled Fondant Dessert Table
  • Royal Icing and Piping
  • Sugar Flowers
  • Modelling
  • Sculpted Cakes

The Journey of a True Cake Artist

Featured Courses & Workshops

Our famed cake masters come from all over the world, possess an extraordinary talent in their field.  Some are already household names, having published books, taught internationally and established a worldwide following. They have come together to share skills in our school on a regular basis.


We offer a wide array of classes in cake decorating, cake design and nerikiri wagashi making. Students are exposed to a much wider range of decorating techniques. Rolled fondant, sugar flowers, modelling, cake painting, 3D sculpting, advanced airbrushing and tiered cake assembly are also be covered.

Learn from the Masters